Parking Information

Parking Information

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Western Film is located on the second level of the University Community Centre. The UCC is located roughly at the corner of Western road and Elgin drive. Western Film offers free parking for its movie patrons. (Sorry but it does get a little confusing here.)

  • Siebens lot (aka Siebens-Drake) is free after 6:30 pm Monday to Friday and all day on weekends. Cars parked before 6:30 pm Monday to Friday may be ticketed.  The entrance is in the second stoplight north of the UCC. Please note the sign still says 7:00 but they stop ticketing at 6:30.
  • The Springett Lot is free for all Friday, Saturday and Sunday shows. There is a ground level crossing at the traffic light or a pedestrian underpass underneath Western Rd. to access main campus and the UCC Building. The entrance to the lot is on the far side, please drive behind and around the lot to access it.
  • Main campus lots ( Social Science, Weldon, Medical Science ) will now have a $2.00 parking charge,  applicable for every show. A credit card will be required to leave these lots. Please bring the small card the gate gives you to Western Film. We will stamp the card and give you a $5.00 credit to be used at the current screening. You will need the card back to exit the lot. The gate will charge you $7.00 upon exit, payable by credit card only.Please note these rates do not apply before 6:05 pm Mon-Fri.

Please note this applies only to the gated lots, not the metered areas.

Please note this only applies to Western Film evening and weekend screenings. Any daytime weekday events are not eligible. Please note these rates do not apply before 6:05 pm Mon-Fri.

The Huron College lot is no longer free for any shows

If you use London Transit, there are three buses which stop right in front of the University Community Centre on Oxford Drive. (#2 Dundas, #6 Richmond, & #10 Wonderland).


  1. Have parking arrangements been modified for the upcoming 6:30 pm show?


    • Everything is the same, the lots will probably be easier to park in since it’s well before 7pm classes.

  2. Where is the best (closest) lot to park for disabled patrons who have handicapped parking permits?

    • The closest handicapped parking is in the Social Science parking lot just north of the building we are in. There are about 10 spots there. However we can only make it free for the 7pm mon-fri shows. It’s a $7.00 cash only charge at the booth and bring in the yellow card and we reimburse you. All late shows and on the weekends that lot is $6.00 coin entry.


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