BIRTHDAY PARTIES on the Big Screen! Watch a Movie or play Video Games

BIRTHDAY PARTIES on the Big Screen! Watch a Movie or play Video Games

Western Film is available for rent for special occasions including birthday parties, showing Movies or playing Video Games on the Big Screen.

Birthdays parties are available any day before 6pm including Saturday and Sunday. Most theatres offer a similar package but with limited movie choices (currently playing movies) and video games can usually only be played in the mornings while the theatre is not operating. Western Film doesn’t run matinees so we can offer weekend afternoons.

Sunday and Monday evenings after 6pm are also available at the same rates.

Cost is $200 +HST for 3 hours. We offer the option of unlimited pop, popcorn and slush for an extra $50 +HST per 10 people and $25.00 for each additional 10 (20 people would be $75, 30 would be $100 etc.) This is negotiable in cases such as a lot of small children who don’t eat a lot.

You can bring a cake or any other food/drink subject to health regulations. You are not required to buy food from Western Film.

For Movies – you can bring a movie of your choice on Blu-Ray (preferred) or DVD, we may be able to get a movie not out on video yet but at an extra charge.

For Video Games – You can bring a video game of your choice. We have a PS3 built into the system. Other consoles can be connected with HDMI. Please note some Wii do not have HDMI output and we can’t connect them.

You can bring as many people as you like.

We can provide a table(s) for presents etc.

Free parking is available on the weekends at the Springett lot across Western Road and at the Siebens Lot just north of the building we are located in.

That’s the basics, if any questions inquire at


  1. Hello,
    Would you be able to get Finding Dory fro June 25? and what would be the cost, or do the movies have to be ones that are not new releases.
    Thank you

    • We wouldn’t be able to get Finding Dory that early. Western Film is a second run theatre so we have to wait until the first run theatres finish with a movie. Occasionally we can get a new movie before it hits video but we can’t predict in advance. A new movie is an extra cost unless Western Film happens to be playing the movie that week and we don’t know until the Monday before.

  2. Would you be able to get the new Star Trek movie for a movie party preview/private birthday party.?

    • We would be able to get it when it’s available to us, which is after it finishes at the other theatres. I would estimate a few weeks. However unless you can coordinate the party with the week we are playing the movie it would be fairly expensive to bring it in for a single event.

      Any questions please write me at

      James Waite
      Western Film.

  3. Hi, What are the possibilities of renting the theatre on either of the following nights; Thursday, Friday or Saturday?

    • We do rent the theatre those nights but at a higher rental rate as we have to cancel our screenings. Rate depends on which night and whether the entire night is rented or just one of the screenings. An entire Saturday night is $1050 for example.

  4. how much for unlimited food and drink for 25 ppl


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