Rent The Theatre!

Rent The Theatre!

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Western Film is available for rentals to show movies, play video games on the big screen, bring in a speaker or performer or any other use you can think of! With almost 400 seats it’s one of the largest theatre spaces in the city and the only large theatre space on campus not used for classes during the day.

Rental rates vary depending on the day and time and for what. Here are rough guidelines.

Daytime (before 6pm)
$125 for first hour (includes set up and tear down)
$75 each extra hour

3 hour minimum (with some exceptions, please inquire)

Sunday and Monday evenings are same price as daytime.

Tuesday – not available

Wednesday – Saturday Evenings (evenings are more expensive as we have to cancel our screenings)
varies from $500 – $1000 depending on which day and whether the entire night is used or just part.

Older movies are included in the rental, with some limitations, newer movies are available with an extra rental fee which varies depending on the Studio.

The room has a complete A/V setup which includes a Digital Projector, wireless mics, podium, etc. More elaborate productions are available at an extra cost.


To inquire please email James Waite at or 519-661-3616 X4.

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  1. Hi there, just a quick question in regards to renting the theatre.. Are there cartoon/ g rated movies available?? And are renters able to bring in their own food/movie snacks?


    • For new movies it depends on what’s available but usually we can get one. For older films out on video we can play almost anything except most older Disney animated films. You can bring in your own food or snacks (with some limitations due to food regs) or buy from us at a group discount.

  2. How are you able to play video games? Do we bring in our own system and games or do you have some?

    • We have a PS3 built into the system or you can bring in your own system. Most sytems work fine except Wiis can be troublesome, the equipment is at the back of the room and Wiis work the other way around.
      We don’t keep any games on hand. You can bring in games of your choice.

  3. Can we play our own personal video (for example our wedding party video) on screen ?

    • Yes, we can play any kind of video.


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