Fundraising at Western Film!

Fundraising at Western Film!

Western Film can be used by student groups to raise funds for charities etc. at very little cost.

The theatre can be booked on a Sunday or Monday night to show a movie of your choice, your group advertises the event, sells tickets in advance and/or at the door. The group keeps up to 65% of the ticket sales  (the rest goes to the Movie Studio) and half the snack bar sales. Western Film only deducts labour cost (about $50).

As for the movie, you can play almost any film available on video (you have to provide the movie unless it’s in Western Film’s library)

A new film not out on video can also be shown, once it’s available to Western Film. However Western Film usually doesn’t know in advance when any particular movie will be playing which leaves three options.
1. Pick a upcoming movie and wait for us to book it, then start promotion. This has usually worked best.
2. Pick date and then show whatever movie we end up playing that week.
3. Bring in a specific movie on a specific date. This requires a separate movie rental charge, about $250 depending on the Studio and there are limitations on what’s available, again depending on the Studio.


Playdates or movies have to be booked in advance through Western Film.



USC Clubs must file an event proposal with the USC.

Video Games can be played on the Big Screen rather than a movie.

Any inquires please email to or 519-661-3616 X4


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