Questions? – FAQ.

Questions? – FAQ.


Q: Is Western Film open to the public or is it just for Western Students?

A: Western Film is open to anyone who wishes to see great movies at a great price.

Q: Is Western Film a ‘real’ theatre?

A: Western Film uses the same equipment as other more expensive theatres. We have a full 6 track  Dolby Digital sound system and large bright screen. In many ways we are better than other theatres, as a single screen we pay more attention to small and not so small details such as making sure the image is focused. We use the same DCP digital prints as other theatres.

Q: Is Western Film open on the holiday?

A: Western Film is open 5 days a week except for about three weeks at Christmas. We are closed Sundays and Mondays except for rentals or special events. The only other time we would close is when the University is closed due to snow, etc.

Q: Is Western Film Digital?

A: In Feb 2013 Western Film installed a Digital Projector which generates a sharp bright image and six tracks of uncompressed audio. This conversion was quite expensive however 35mm film is coming to an end and we would have had to close if we couldn’t go digital.

Q: Why is the price only $4.25 students/ $5.50 non-students?

A: As a second run cinema we pay a lower fee to the Studios so we are able to charge less. The trade off is that we have to wait for the more expensive theatres to finish with the films.
Tuesdays are $4.00. Students are only $3.25 on Tuesday! Children are always $4.00.

Q: Why does Western Film not show movies in 3D?

A: When Western Film installed our Digital Projector we decided not to include 3D. It’s very expensive to install and we didn’t want to increase ticket prices. About 20% of the population can’t see 3D or it makes them sick.

Q: Is Western Film handicapped accessible?

A: Yes, there are handicapped parking spots in the Social Science lot (subject to the conditions on the parking map). The elevators are just inside the building if coming from Social Science near the Mustang lounge. There are areas inside the theatre with no steps.
We do not have a system for the hearing impaired or described video. Both are cost prohibitive for a single screen theatre.


Q: Will the movie _________ be playing at Western Film?
A: We have a status list in our About Us section on the main page that lists what current films will be playing, might be playing and won’t be playing. 

Q: What does the running time include? What time will the film be over?

A: The stated running time includes 10 minutes of trailers/previews at the beginning of the film and the film’s credits. Credits for most films are about 5 minutes, for big action films it can get up to 10 minutes.

Q: Do you know in advance what movies you will be playing? Do you have a schedule of movies you will be playing?

A: No, we book each Monday for the playweek starting that Friday. We usually know what we expect to play soon but cannot say for sure when any particular movie will play.

Q: Why do some movies show up at Western Film fast but others take months?

A: As a second –run theatre Western Film has to wait for movies to finish at the first-run, more expensive theatres. The amount of time a film plays first-run varies on the movie and the time of year. Some smaller movies are a platform release meaning they start in the big cities and spread out from there. Movies aimed at children often go down to just matinees at the first run theatres and play for a while.

Q: How do I know the movie is appropriate for me or my children?

A: Movies are rated by the Ontario Film Review Board as a guideline.

Family or General – Suitable for anyone, usually denotes a children’s movie.
PG Parental Guidance -No age limit. Some adult content, language or violence usually.
14A – Anyone under 14 must be accompanied by a person over 18.
18A – Anyone under 18 must be accompanied by a person over 18.
R Restricted – No one under 18 under any circumstances. Usually denotes heavy violence or sexual content.

Each movie is given specific warnings as to the content, this information can be found at the OFRB website or on each movies page on our website.
Please note the ratings often seen or heard in advertising such as PG-13 or R are for the USA only, the ratings here are different.In general the ratings in the USA are more concerned with sexual content, in Canada the ratings are more concerned with violence.

Q: Why did the poster for a particular movie say coming soon but Western Film never played it?
Q: Why was the trailer/ preview for a particular movie playing but Western Film never played the movie?

A: to both. There are several factors that determine what movies get played at Western Film.
– Being a single screen theatre we are limited to 2 movies a week and often can’t play every movie we would like to.
-How a movie does in the first run theatres is one factor that determines what we play. If a movie comes out and doesn’t do well in first run we often assume few people will want to see it at Western Film.
-Word of Mouth is key, if a movie gets bad word of mouth it usually isn’t well attended, this has been accelerating the last few years with social media spreading the word faster.
-Some movies will only work as the 7pm show and since we can only have one a week some smaller movies get squeezed out.
-Some of the studios we book with have different rules that can prevent us from playing their movies. For example Fox often will not allow us to ‘split’ their movies. Normally we split each week playing one movie for the early show and a different one for the late show. Fox wants us to play their movie for both shows. As a result we often have to reject their smaller movies and only play very popular movies that can support both shows.


Q: Does the University run Western Film?

A: No, Western Film is owned and operated by the University Student’s Council.

Q: Can I use the Birthday Special on another day because I couldn’t come on my actual birthday?

A: We’ve had a lot of similar requests and decided our policy would be that the Birthday Special would have to be used on the date of the person’s birthday for a couple reasons.

If we let people move it off their birthday then the problem would be how far off can they move it? Some would want to wait until a movie they want to see comes and that could be weeks or months.

While we are generally trusting, if the special can be used on other days there’s no way of ensuring it’s not used more than once.

The only exception is if we are closed on a persons’ birthday, usually over the Christmas holidays and on Sundays and Mondays. In that case they can contact us at and we will allow them to pick another date.

Q: Can the Theatre be rented for private showings or non-movie uses?

A: Yes, there are many variables that affect the cost, time of day, day of the week, what movie is watched etc.  For More information please email see the Theatre Rentals page

Q: Can we book a children’s Birthday parties at Western Film?

A: Yes, however we don’t know much in advance what movies we will be playing on any date so can’t guarantee we will have an appropriate movie. In general we don’t play a lot of children’s movies. For more information please email We can play an older film that’s available on video or Video Games on the Big screen are a popular option.

Question not Answered? Please e-mail and we’ll get back to you.



  1. I love Captain America!

  2. wish you would show the 2 movies at different times…during the free week…so people could see both trainwreck and southpaw at 7

    • Since we normally play the movies at the same time all week I think that would have just got too confusing.

  3. when a movie is free, like on the 5th, do you still get your parking reimbursed?

    • yes, we reimburse parking for all shows.

  4. What is exactly is THE BIRTHDAY DEAL?

    • If you come to a movie on your Birthday you get free admission, and free medium pop and popcorn. Just need to show ID with your birth date on it. Has to be redeemed on the date of your birthday unless we happen to be closed in which case other arrangements can be made for you to redeem it later.

  5. What are the prices for the snack bar?

    • I’ve updated the snack bar prices page.


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