Snack Bar

Snack Bar

In order to make the movie experience complete, we operate a fully equipped snack bar. Fresh hot popcorn, ice cold soft drinks, a selection of candy. All of our concessions are economically (and deliberately) priced below what you’d pay at any other movie theatre.

Unlike some other theatres our Popcorn is made fresh every day.

   Western Film Concession (no watermark)-14
One of the basic food groups at a movie theatre.

Small $4.25
Medium $5.25
Large $6.25 (with one free refill)

Western Film Concession (no watermark)-4small
Small $3.00
Medium $3.50
Large $4.00 (with one free refill)

Western Film Concession (no watermark)-5small

Small $2.50
large $4.25

Western Film Concession (no watermark)-8small
Frost Bite Slush

Small $3.00
Large $4.00 (with one free refill)

Juices and Gatorade

Bottled Water
591 ml Aquafina $2.00

A good size portion of restaurant style nacho chips including Cheese and Salsa $4.25

Coffee / Tea / Specialty Drinks
A selection, $2.00 each.

COMBOS! The best deals. Student ID required for Student pricing.

Little Nicky
Small Pop, Small Popcorn

Middle Earth
Medium Popcorn, Medium Pop
Student $7.25
regular $8.25

Big Daddy
Large Popcorn, Large Pop
Student $8.75
regular $9.50

King Kong
Large Popcorn, Large Pop, large Candy

So Fetch
2 Medium Popcorns, 2 Medium Pops
Student $12.00
regular $14.75

Nacho Libre
Nachos, Medium pop

Juice or Slush can be substituted for the Pop.
2 Small Candy can be substituted for the Large Candy in the King Kong.
Pop or Popcorn can be upsized by paying the price difference. i.e. medium popcorn can be up sized to large for $1.00.


  1. new popcorn tastse like shit

    • The taste of the popcorn has changed but we are changing it back. It’s not the new kernals that are respsonsible. Our new supplier sent coconut oil (for popping) with artificial butter flavour that our previous oil didn’t have. We had to use the butter flavoured oil while they sourced the unflavoured type. We are switching back.

  2. Do you have nutritional value for your snacks? Specifically the popcorn.

  3. Can you pay for snacks using Western OneCard?

    • At this point we can’t take Western One cards. The University charges quite a bit to offer this service.

  4. I’m trying to get popcorn in a bulk amount for an event I’ll be running next week, do you guys accommodate for larger orders of popcorn?

    • We sell a clear ‘garbage’ bag size of popcorn for $30 + tax. Please email for details. It needs to be prearranged to make sure we have enough popcorn available.


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