Tech Info…

Tech Info…

Technical Information
The McKellar Theatre is a first class motion picture facility….

In February 2013 Western Film made a significant investment and purchased a Digital Projector. 35mm film was being phased out and very few theatres could still show actual 35mm film. Our image is still the same size and bright with 2K resolution, the same as most theatres. The audio is better than before, uncompressed 5.1 track surround sound playing through a Dolby CP750 unit. One major advantage of Digital over film is the lack of scratches and physical damage that 35mm film was prone to.

Our sound system features 22 speakers and is amplified by 4400 Watts of power.
As a single screen theatre we can pay more attention to detail than a theatre with many screens all run by one person! We adjust focus as needed and set the volume level for each show.

The Digital projector also allows us more flexibility to show non-Hollywood films, special events such as Operas and the Oscars , and even play video games on the Big Screen.
Western Film Projector 6small Western Film Projector 4small

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