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The USC holds hundreds of events each year. We have nearly 20 coordinators who run events on a daily basis, and an entire executive portfolio that plans larger events at least once a month. We have everything from musicals, community volunteering, concerts, awareness weeks, to huge peer leadership programs. Check out our events to learn more about how to get involved! 


The Accessibility and Inclusivity Checklist

The Accessibility and Inclusivity Checklist is a document created by the 2017/2018 Peer Programs portfolio of the USC, and was recently endorsed as a guiding resource for the planning and execution of events through a motion brought forward from the Student Experience Standing Committee of the University Students’ Council.

This list is to be utilized as a set of guidelines, not as a set criteria. We hope this checklist helps make your campus events more accessible and inclusive towards all students on campus.


Special Events

Charity Committee

University Students’ Council Charity (USC Charity) is a committee of students passionate about supporting positive change on both a local and global scale. As a committee of the USC, it aims to provide students with the opportunity to participate in philanthropic initiatives organized internally and externally over the school year. This year the committee is continuing with tradition but also growing to embrace a more holistic definition of charity.

Early Outreach Conference

The Early Outreach Conference (REACH) is an annual USC initiative intended to introduce approximately 250 at-risk, low-income youth in London and the broader community to post-secondary education opportunities. This program recognizes that many students begin thinking about their future at an early age, and serves to provide adolescents with the guidance, information, and tools necessary to support them in their decision-making process.



We are a body charged with overseeing the implementation of elections procedures and ensuring maximum compliance with regulations in upholding our vision and guiding principles.

Our Vision: To maximize the opportunity for students to be involved in USC-governed elections at the University of Western Ontario, as candidates, voters and informed individuals


EnviroWestern is a USC student service that seeks to promote environmental sustainability at Western. Our mission is to make Western a more environmentally sustainable campus by leading events and initiatives to enhance student awareness of environmental issues on campus, incent student behavior change and provide a network for students to address their environmental concerns on campus and in the community. At EnviroWestern, we believe that students can make a positive and significant impact to the environment at Western and in the community. To do this, join EnviroWestern and help make a positive impact on campus!

Income Tax Clinic

The USC Income Tax Clinic is a free service offered to all undergraduate students at Western and is operated under the University Students’ Council. We are community partners with the Canada Revenue Agency.


The orientation program at Western is every first years’ first glimpse into life at our university. During one of the most stressful times for students transitioning to a new school, our Sophs provide mentorship and support that help students adapt and feel comfortable on campus. During Orientation Week, Sophs act as leaders to show students around campus, and lead them through activities and education sessions. Then, they act as year long resources for their students, continuing to be pillars of support, and connecting them to available resources and information on campus when they need it. 


Public Arts

The USC Public Arts Commission strives to provide and promote platforms for students in the Western community to express their spirit and values through various forms of art. We advocate for all things arts and ensure that the Western campus is a bustling place for students’ creative talents to shine and flourish. We plan and execute some of Western’s biggest artistic events such as Nuit Violette and Reverie Festival. 


Theatre Western

Theatre Western is a student-run production company supported by the University’s Students’ Council. Each year, the program produces a fall play and spring musical. The cast and crew are primarily Western undergraduate students, but the shows appeal to an audience that extends beyond the campus community. Students, staff, faulty, Londoners, and family and friends of the cast and crew and have enjoyed Theatre Western’s productions since 1982.
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