University Affairs

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The Vice-President and their team is responsible for guiding the advocacy policy making process, the information gathering, and advocating on behalf of students regarding issues within the university. The priorities for the year are brought forward by the Executive Team, the Advocacy Standing Committee, and the Council. In working with the university administration, as well as campus groups and stakeholders, the Vice-President strives to meet the needs of our students and helps to provide them with a higher quality undergraduate experience at Western University. The USC believes their priorities reflect the betterment of students, however, input and communication is welcome regarding these advocacy priorities and affairs.


Pass/Fail Credit:

      • In universities across Canada, pass/fail credits on select courses have been introduced to encourage students to explore various courses outside of their own modules. These credits have in turn created enjoyment of learning, less stressful situations and increased understanding of aspects of undergraduate life. Essentially, pass/fail credits generalize a pass credit (above 50%) and a fail credit (below 50%) instead of a mark based curriculum. The USC is committed to implementation and education about pass/fail credits during the 2017-2018 term.

Online Course Syllabi Database:

      • Western University and the USC remains committed to the betterment of student experience as this applies to all students entering or selecting a class for new years at Western. The Online Course Syllabi Database is a system that would allow students to view either previous, or active, course syllabi before selecting classes. With this database, the USC recognizes that students will be able to select classes with a greater understanding of what to expect in a course. .

Work-Integrated Learning Opportunity growth:

      • At Western, we’re proud to offer a wide and rewarding array of learning opportunities for students of all faculties. The USC is striving to expand the options and grow the opportunities available for students to complete work-integrated learning opportunities, such as internships. Ensuring students can access a meaningful experience both inside and outside of the classroom to support their learning is an important priority for our team.

Easier academic considerations & accommodations process:

      • In the case for many students where you require a consideration or an accommodation for an assignment or exam, it is often confusing or difficult to complete the process to seek consideration or accommodation support. The USC recognizes that students need to feel supported through their academics and we’re working to address the confusion and difficulty in the academic considerations & accommodations process.

Open Educational Resource support:

    • At Western, the USC always strives to make student life more enjoyable but a major priority this year is to make student life more affordable. With Open Educational Resources, the USC will be innovating and introducing new ways of textbook management for faculty and ease of access for students. By creating open and free textbook sources online, we hope to reduce the thousand dollar burden placed on students every year when purchasing new textbooks. Through coordination with faculty and administration, the USC hopes to see real change soon.