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Starting a club at Western is a great accomplishment but it also involves great dedication and commitment to complete the required Club Application and successfully inaugurate your club. This website was developed to guide you in developing a Club Application and assist you in general questions you may have. You can click on the tabs on the left to navigate throughout the sections.


Hello prospective club executive!

Thank you for your interest in starting a club with the University Students’ Council at The University of Western Ontario.

Currently with nearly 200 clubs serving more than 7,500 students and growing, the USC Clubs Community strongly contributes to the student experience at Western. This is made possible by students such as yourself, who take the initiative to start clubs!

Please ensure that you read carefully the information provided on this website as it will guide you through the process of starting and getting a club ratified under the USC.

All prospective clubs must fulfill all stated requirements and demonstrate a distinctness and uniqueness from other active clubs within the USC. All components of the Club Application must be submitted online on this website.

If you have any questions or would like help getting started, please contact one of the USC representatives listed in the “Who Can Help” tab on this website. We are here to help!

We look forward to your club joining the USC!




Applications will be due in January 2019.  Please check back for details.

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