Peer Support Network Contacts

Peer Support Network Contacts


Regardless of your gender, sexual orientation, culture, faith, ability or any other identifying factors, you belong at Western! The University Student Council is committed to providing students all the support they need while at Western, and has a range of peer to peer support services and support programs available.

Please use the contacts below as your resource for more information on these services.

Sexual Health and Consent Education
Tamara Spencer

Ally Western
Meghan Mann

Pride Western
Marie Fiedler

Ethnocultural Support Service
Surer Mohamed


Health and Wellness Education
Nicole Goodbrand

Food Support Service
Lindsay Clayborne

Women’s Issues Network
Rishita Apsani

AVP Peer Support Network
Sahana Dorai

AVP Peer Support Centre
Nicolas Gil

AVP Internal
Alex Benac

VP Internal
Emily Addison