Peer Support

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The Peer Support Centre

It is the Peer Support Centre’s mission to provide non-professional support to students. By fostering a spirit of openness and understanding through peer-based support, the goal of the centre is to provide students with an accessible, welcoming, and accommodating service. The centre is a safe space in which students can express their feelings and access resources provided by the university, the city of London, and the USC. It is located at UCC 256, near The Gazette offices.

Peer Support

Whereas the Peer Support Centre is the physical space that students can go to for support, Peer Support encompasses eight student-led support services that are available to all students on Western’s campus. The goal of each support service is to provide the campus community with awareness of social issues, support for marginalized groups, advocacy initiatives to improve the lives of undergraduate students at Western and volunteer opportunities for interested students. Our support services are distinct from what is offered by our clubs system and works to create a more inclusive, informed, and caring university community.

Our services

Sexual Health and Consent Education
Get the information to make educated decisions regarding sex and learn about the continuum of sexual violence and the importance of consent

Health and Wellness
Discover services and programs in place to educate students on issues surrounding mental health, social health, campus safety, healthy lifestyles, and alcoholic substance abuse prevention.

Pride Western
Become a part of a resource and support system for students with questions regarding Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Transsexual, Queer, 2-Spirited, and Asexual (LGBTTQ2A) issues.

Women’s Issues Network
Join WIN in recognizing, representing, and rectifying gender inequalities affecting UWO students.

Ethnocultural Support Services
See the ways ESS is making a culturally inclusive University community, in which students’ unique backgrounds are positively embraced and celebrated

Ally Western
An outreach service that creates a more inclusive university campus, with a focus on understanding and celebrating campus diversity.

Food Support Service
An anonymous food hamper distribution system for UWO undergraduate students. Food hampers can be requested through email and collected 24 hours a day.


[/et_pb_tab][et_pb_tab title=”Contact Us”] [person title=”Sexual Health and Consent Education”] Courtney Feeney
[/person][person title=”Ally Western”] Carla Rawson
[/person][person title=”Pride Western”] Marie Fiedler
[/person][person title=”Ethnocultural Support Service”] Alison Kim
[/person][person title=”Health and Wellness Education”] Micah Hansen
[/person][person title=”Food Support Service”] Pearl Wang
[/person][person title=”Women’s Issues Network”] Carina Gabriele
[/person][person title=”AVP Peer Support”] Leslie Ruggeri
[/person][person title=”Student Programs Officer”] Mac McIntosh
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No upcoming events

Make Your Own Care Packages - Peer Support Western

Make Your Own Care Packages - Peer Support Western

Nov 30, 12:00pm - Nov 30, 2:00pm

UCC 256

24 interested  ·  19 going
Exam Destress: Providing Support this Exam Season

Exam Destress: Providing Support this Exam Season

Nov 30, 10:00am - Nov 30, 4:00pm

University Community Centre
London, ON   Map

This Exam Season, Peer Support at Western University, Health Promotions Western and Western's Food Support Services are providing all the relief they can in one fun-filled relaxing day! Events will be happening in the Peer Support Centre (UCC 256 and UCC 258) and in the UCC Atrium.

Care Packages will be distributed in the UCC atrium featuring items to help you get through the exam season including pens, fresh fruit, ear plugs, and more!

Ever wondered what your future will look like? There's going to be a psychic in the UCC Atrium. Find out how well you'll ace your exams!

Health Promotions has brought back the ball pit! Meet new people. Do some soul-searching. Play in a ball pit. The choice is yours.

Destress with the cutest puppies possible in the Peer Support Centre (UCC 256). We hear there may be a pug?! Come and find out!

Finally, are you really feeling the stress of exam? Relax with a free massage in the UCC 258. (Did I mention it was completely free?)

227 interested  ·  185 going
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