Multi-faith Space

Multi-faith Space

The multi-faith space, located on the 2nd floor of the UCC is home to spiritual and faith-based activity, and is open from 9am to 10pm. Whether you identify with a specific faith, or simply believe in human spirituality, this is a quiet space for meditation, reflection and prayer.  There will be multi-faith learning opportunities once a month, and a yearlong opportunity to learn about other ways of life.

Faith clubs can book the space each month at a time through USC reservations at Western Connections (basement of the UCC, next to Inprint)

The sign outside the room will designate which groups have booked it for the day, and any time that is not booked will be designated as ‘quiet drop-in space.’ We ask that you do not disrupt the quiet reflection of other students during these drop-in times.

Please clean up after yourself upon using the space, and know that there are prayer mats to be used during your time spent there.

This is not a study space, but a sacred space of spirituality, faith, learning, and reflection.

As this space is a work in progress, you may contact Myuri, VP Campus Issues at for questions and feedback regarding the running of the space.

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