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A crew position would require you to commit up to 8 hours a week to the production of If/Then. The shows will run March 14-17 and you are expected to commit several hours a day during the week leading up to the show in order to prepare for the performances. You may be required to be present for multiple rehearsals per week and coordinate other creative aspects of the show.

Interviews will take place on January 25 in the evening.

The Musical Producer, Hannah Frassinelli, will contact you with your interview time on January 23rd.

You can contact Hannah at if you have any questions about the application or the position(s) available.

Head of Hair and Makeup:
Responsible for creating and overseeing the execution of all hair and makeup looks for the cast.

Hair and Makeup Assistant:
Reports directly to the Head of Hair and Makeup and helps them with practicing and executing all hair and makeup looks.

Costume Designer:
In consultation with the Director, responsible for designing and creating/sourcing all cast costumes.

Head of Wardrobe:
Responsible for cataloguing, organizing, and managing all costume pieces throughout the duration of the production process and during show week.

Props Master:
Responsible for sourcing/creating all props and managing them during rehearsals and show week.

Set Master:
Responsible for sourcing/creating all set pieces to bring the director’s designs to life and managing them during rehearsals.

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