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2017-12-15 23:59



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The University Students’ Council (USC) seeks to create a community that supports leadership development among students and welcomes the wide range of interests within the Clubs Community. The Clubs Support Committee (CSC) is the body of the Clubs Community that supports collaboration among student organizations and seeks to enhance communication between student organizations and the USC. The finance committee is a subset of students within the CSC at-large, and the group is made up of up to five students who are not executive members within the USC Clubs Community. The team is responsible for assisting with financial procedures as necessary and will conduct reviews as directed by the Clubs Governance Committee (CGC) or Student Programs Officer. Examples of tasks may include financial oversight, running financial compliance workshops, and conducting club budget audits. The CSC is influential in supporting the yearlong working dynamic within club executive teams (specifically regarding finances and promotion) and ultimately for the long-term development of the club within the Clubs Community.

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