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USC Public Arts strives to provide and promote platforms for students in the Western community to express their spirit and values through various forms of art. Public Arts is responsible for planning, promoting, and executing Nuit Violette, the Festival of the Arts, and other visual and performative arts programming over the course of the school year. This includes but is not limited to coffeehouses, pop-up galleries, silent auctions, paint nights, etc. Public Arts will work with other clubs, faculty councils, programs, and organizations to reinforce the importance of participating both actively and passively in the arts. Please see the Job Description for a list of the available positions, and if you have any questions contact Sarah Bradshaw

USC Public Arts Positions

VP Events (1-2)
– Responsible for planning and executing various events in the Public Arts Portfolio, including but not limited to Nuit Violette and Festival of the Arts
– Will work with committee to organize layout, setup, coordinate performances and speakers, etc.
– Will coordinate events such as coffeehouses, silent auctions, galleries, and other events
– to promote the arts on campus with other coordinators, faculty councils, and clubs

VP Marketing (1)
– Responsible for coordinating innovative physical and social media promotional campaigns on campus and beyond
– Will manage social media for Public Arts
– Graphic Design/Videography skills are an asset but not necessary

Application deadline of August 24th

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