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Posted 3 weeks ago

The Health Promotions committee runs a variety of wellness-focused initiatives in each of the 7 aspects of wellness (physical, mental, social, environmental, academic, financial, and spiritual). Events have included the “Get Tested: Break the STIgma” campaign, “Love Your Body” programming, financial literacy, and exam destressors.

Each portfolio will have one VP and several committee members that are delegated to a specific portfolio. VP positions will entail a greater time commitment than committee member positions.

We are looking for a team of passionate students that are interested in promoting health throughout the Western University community.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please email Camilla Parpia (2018-2019 Health Promotions Coordinator) at


1. Communications Portfolio
As Communications Executive, you will promote all materials pertaining to USC/Health Promotions events, and communicate with the Western Student body to receive feedback on events.

2. Events Portfolio
This position entails organizing all of the Health Promotion Committee’s events. In addition, these VPs will be in charge of aiding the coordinator in planning events and coming up with new ideas for events. Finally, these coordinators will assist in the organization
of committee members on the day of events (i.e. organizing where to place each volunteer in order to have the events run as smoothly).

3. Design Portfolio
As Design Executive, you will design all promotional materials (posters, social media posts, infographics, etc.) that will be used to advertise Health Promotions events.


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