Health Promotions

The Health Promotions Portfolio is responsible for providing services and programming that addresses student health. The need for this portfolio is as a result of university culture, which often proliferates a work-hard, play-hard mentality, and unfortunately leads to students’ deprioritization of their personal health. The vision for the Health Promotions team is to address this trend by contributing to a culture of self-care on campus in each dimension of wellness (social, sexual, spiritual, emotional, physical, academic, financial). In combination with a variety of programming, the team will work to run campaigns throughout the year promoting the importance and benefits of proper self-care techniques. For example, Mental Health Awareness week, which the team assists with early in the year, is intentioned to reinforce the notion that a student is much more than the grades they receive, and to inform students of the many mental health resources available to them. Other programs, such as the “Get Tested” event, are held each year to address the other aspects of wellness. The main platform of engagement is informational as the main goal of the portfolio is to ultimately better inform students about health. As a result, events typically emphasize existing student resources and promote tangible ways to enact change, in order to best enable the reprioritization of health within students’ lives.

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