Student Programs Officer 2017/18

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To coordinate involvement and facilitate engagement of students in events, and programming to enhance the student experience.

Associate Vice-President Programming:
Richelle Aikens

Associate Vice-President Clubs:
Tamara Kljakic

Associate Vice-President Orientation:
Haesoo Kim

Orientation Coordinator:
Mackenzie Read

Associate Vice-President Peer Programs:
Leslie Ruggeri

Peer Support Centre Supervisor:
Matthew Yip



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Programs Portfolio

[person title=”Accessibility Commissioner”] Stefan Paciocco
The Accessibility Coordinator initiates programs that generate awareness of the challenges faced by students with disabilities. She convenes and chairs a Committee for Students with Disabilities of the USC, and investigates policies and procedures that inhibit physical accessibility. Furthermore, she liaises with the University’s Access program, and students with disabilities at the University. [/person][person title=”Ally Western Coordinator”] Carla Rawson
Ally Western is an outreach service that works to create a more inclusive university campus, with a focus on understanding and celebrating campus diversity. They liaise regularly with other service coordinators to understand what current issues are on campus and where workshops are most needed. [/person][person title=”Charity Coordinator”] Justin Chung
The Charity Coordinator and their executive organize events and campaigns, which raise awareness and funds for various causes at the Western, London, and national levels. Their goal is to promote a charitable attitude on campus and foster a tie to philanthropy that stays with students long after they leave Western. The major events organized by the Charity team include the Haunted House, Children’s Holiday Party and Relay for Life. [/person][person title=”EnviroWestern Coordinator”] Kevin Irving
The EnviroWestern Coordinator focuses on environmental issues and the maintenance and improvement of recycling rates on campus. They also organize environmental awareness programming, and act as a liaison between the USC and the University’s Green Plan. [/person][person title=”Ethnocultural Coordinator”] Alison Kim
The ESS Coordinator reports to the Vice-President Campus Issues and liaises with Western International and Indigenous Services. They promote the equality of students, regardless of cultural or ethnic background and celebrate the cultural diversity of this campus. [/person][person title=”Food Support Coordinator”] Pearl Wang
The Food Support Service Coordinator oversees intake of food donations, distribution of food hampers, and the overall quality of inventory. She is also responsible for maintaining cooperation and communication with community partners, such as the London Food Bank, Grocery Checkout and Mission Services London to ensure that we can best accommodate every student’s needs. The Coordinator must also uphold the confidentiality of the service and its users. [/person][person title=”Health Promotions Coordinator”] Micah Hansen and Courtney Feeney
The Health Promotions Coordinator oversees the areas of mental health, healthy lifestyles, alcohol and substance abuse and overall well-being. They identify broader areas of health and wellness on this campus that require additional support and awareness. This coordinator aims to improve the health and quality of life of all undergraduate students at Western and ensure that there is no stigma attached to certain areas of health need. [/person][person title=”Income Tax Coordinator”] Malini Hu
The Income Tax Coordinator organizes the annual Income Tax Clinic, assisting students in the preparation of their Federal Income Tax returns. [/person][person title=”PrideWestern Coordinator”] Marie Fielder
The PrideWestern Coordinator promotes, in cooperation with all appropriate University and USC clubs, groups, and services; the equal treatment, understanding and acceptance of people of all sexual orientations on the University campus. They provide the student population with information about discrimination and harassment on the basis of sexual orientation by conducting informative programming and organizing Pride Week. Moreover, they liaise with sexually and gender diverse communities on campus and within London. [/person][person title=”Women’s Issues Network Coordinator”] Carina Gabriele
The Women’s Issues Network Coordinator educates the student population on gender equality and gender diversity. They create programming to elicit discussion on sexism and gender equality and work closely with I Know Someone to discuss gender based violence. They also oversee V-Day and liaise with other organizations interested in discussions of gender. [/person][/et_pb_text][et_pb_text admin_label=”Events Portfolio” background_layout=”light” text_orientation=”left”]

Events Portfolio

[person title=”Early Outreach Coordinator”] Sogand Kashefi

Serves as program director for the USC Grade 8 Early Outreach Leadership Conference. Works with VP University Affairs and the Internal Affairs coordinator to promote the values and benefits of an early outreach strategy intended to increase access to post-secondary education. [/person][person title=”Theatre Western Coordinator”] Emma Phillips

Theatre Western is a student-run production company that produces full-length musical and non-musical dramatic productions as well as student-written one-act plays. There are opportunities for students to become involved as playwrights, directors, stage managers, performers or backstage crew. Theatre Western also offers trips and a series of workshops for those looking to build their confidence, understanding and knowledge of the performing arts. The Theatre Western Coordinator acts as the producer for each production, works to create additional opportunities for students to become involved with theatre and networks between other student theatre groups on campus and the University Students’ Council. The Coordinator oversees all events and productions including the Winter Play, the musical and the production of one-act plays, Purple Shorts. [/person][/et_pb_text][et_pb_text admin_label=”Club Portfolio” background_layout=”light” text_orientation=”left”]

Clubs Portfolio

[person title=”Clubs Support Coordinator”] Priyanka Singh

The Clubs Finance Coordinator oversees the financial administration of all USC clubs, ensuring compliance with the Clubs Policy. They act as a resource to club presidents and vice-presidents responsible for finance, and runs clubs finance training for them in addition to producing the USC Accounting Manual. Additionally, in conjunction with the Financial Review Committee, they organize the annual financial review for all clubs, and apportions appropriate insurance premiums. [/person][person title=”Clubs Policy Coordinator”] Gauri Angrish

The Club Policy Coordinator will oversee the development, review and enforcement of all policies related to the clubs community throughout the year. [/person][/et_pb_text][et_pb_text admin_label=”Club Documents” background_layout=”light” text_orientation=”left”]

Clubs Policy Documents