Student Executives 2017/18

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To represent the interests of the University Students’ Council and the student body and oversee and provide strategic direction for the organization.

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To advocate on behalf of students to external institutions that affect post-secondary educational policy and students.

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To coordinate involvement and facilitate engagement of students in events, and programming to enhance the student experience.

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To facilitate communication on behalf of the organization and develop promotional and branding strategies to further the USC mandate.

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To ensure effective management of the allocation of corporate resources and endeavors of the University Students’ Council.

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Executive Reports

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Documents relating to the USC Executives

Executive Officers: Terms of Reference

  • A description of the duties and responsibilities of the Executive Officers of the USC, outlining the limits of each respective portfolio.

Executive Officer Accountabilities and Discipline Process

  • This policy is a guide on how to positively correct any misconduct of performance issues related to the work of the Executive Officers of the corporation. This Policy is the guiding policy for coaching, discipline, and termination decisions rendered in regards to the Executive Officers.

Conference and Retreat Policy

  • This policy establishes a requirement for gaining approval to attend discretionary conferences, and also establishes reporting requirements for the Executive Council after they attend conferences and learning retreats, such as the annual Executive Research Trip.

Executive Officers` Salaries Procedure

  • This procedure outlines the earning power of an Executive Officer, as well as the procedure by which salary adjustments may be made.

Honoraria Policy

  • This policy outlines the criteria that must be met in order to qualify as a position eligible for honoraria, the criteria that will determine the honorarium available for the position, and the guidelines for awarding and withholding honoraria. This policy should be read in tandem with the Interim and Final Reports Procedure.

Interim and Final Reports Procedure

  • A guideline for the writing (format and style), submission (to whom), and approval (criteria and deadlines) of interim and final reports as submitted by Coordinators, Interns, Executives, and Gazette Front Office Staff. This policy should be read in tandem with the Honoraria Policy.