Communications Officer

Emily Ross

Emily Ross

Communications Officer


To facilitate communication on behalf of the organization and develop promotional and branding strategies to further the USC mandate. Oversees three main portfolios; marketing, public affairs and community outreach.

For media inquiries, access to executive members schedules or meeting requests please contact Emily.

Associate Communications Officer:
Lara Banlaoi (


Campaigns Coordinator

Katherine Germatenko

The Campaigns Coordinator will act as key component of the USC’s marketing efforts by ensuring the USC’s brand, advertising, graphics and photography are updated and maintained in our consistent communication channels. They will act as a primary steward of the USC’s marketing, branding and promotional efforts.

Digital Content Coordinator

Michael Hutchinson

The Digital Content Coordinator will assist in the implementation of an effective social media strategy and day-to-day social media presence for the USC and all of its subsidiaries excluding faculty and affiliate councils, CHRW and The Gazette.

Public Affairs Coordinator

Priyanka Singh

The Public Affairs Coordinator will strategically create and facilitate public relations efforts for the USC under the direction of the Vice President Communications.

Student Feedback Coordinator

Sarah Poile-Ambrose

The Student Feedback Coordinator works with the Communications Officer to facilitate and actively garner feedback from the student population to help direct USC activities.

USC Image Consultant Coordinator


The USC Image Consultant provides support to the Communications Officer.

Documents relating to Communications & Media

Policies and procedures relating to the communications strategies of the USC.

Advertising Materials Policy

  • This policy defines what constitutes Advertising Materials and what is and is not acceptable content in order to maintain a University environment that is safe, inclusive, and free from discrimination and harassment. This policy should be read in context with the Advertising Oversight Procedures and the Advertising Oversight Committee: Terms of Reference.

Advertising Oversight Committee Terms of Reference

  • A description of the duties and responsibilities of the Advertising Oversight Committee, the body tasked with enforcing the Advertising Materials Policy. Specifies the membership of the Committee and certain Committee procedures. This policy should be read in context with the Advertising Oversight Procedures and the Advertising Materials Policy.

Advertising Oversight Procedure

  • This procedure outlines the approval process for Advertising Materials and specifies individuals with the authority to approve advertising materials. Contains the procedures for appealing a decision to approve/reject materials. This policy should be read in context with the Advertising Materials Policy and the Advertising Oversight Committee: Terms of Reference.

Advertising Priorities Policy

  • A policy that prioritizes the use of the USC’s advertising resources to ensure that events, programs, and initiatives are communicated effectively. This policy classifies which groups shall get priority to use the USC’s resources as well as specifies the USC resources in question.

USC Visual Identity Guideline

  • A guideline to creating a cohesive brand and vision for the USC through regulation of the USC’s visual identity. Contains regulations for the display of the USC logo and how to present the USC’s brand on stationary, Power Point presentations, and business cards.

Corporate Logo and Letterhead Policy

  • This policy regulates the use of the USC logo and letterhead and specifies which individuals may use the logo and letterhead and under which circumstances. Specifies when and how USC operations are to use the USC logo.

USC Social Media Guide

  • Best practices in social media when representing the USC.

Social Media Usage Policy

  • A policy governing the use of social media by USC operations, services, portfolios, and departments. Establishes criteria for creation of USC affiliated social media accounts and specifies the members of the organization responsible for these accounts. Gazette Policy Policies and procedures relating to the operation of the Gazette. Example: Gazette Editorial Policy.