Council... What we do

Similar to Members of Parliament at the federal level, Councillors are the USC’s legislative body. Council is separate from the Student Executive but an equal partner in how the USC is run.

So, for example, while the President has authority over the day to day operations, Council can create or amend policy, issue a directive (i.e. task an Executive to return with certain information), or pass a standing resolution that has a legislative effect on the USC’s operations.

Most of our legislative work happens in committee meetings focused on Student Experience, Operations, Advocacy, and Governance and Finance. These committees discuss proposed policy or policy changes, receive updates from Executives, and hear feedback from students like you.

A councillor is an undergraduate student who is elected by peers to represent their interests on the council floor. These students come from all the undergraduate faculties and professional schools, and are responsible for understanding the business of council – suggesting changes to policies or initiatives as they see fit.

Together they…

  • represent the interests of Western’s undergraduate students
  • establish the Terms of Reference, salaries, discipline and accountability of Executive Officers
  • approve the USC’s Long Term Plan
  • appoint committees, task forces or other advisory boards.

Where we meet, vote, and listen

Meetings are generally held in the Community Room on the second floor the University Community Centre (UCC) Building.

Meetings are open the public and everyone is welcome to attend or watch on the live stream page.

Councillors also spend a great deal of time in each of their constituencies, ensuring your needs are being met and your voice is being heard. Search for your constituency and reach out to them at their email address listed below.

Click here for meeting documents.

Faculty Council Members

Affiliate and Professional Council Members

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