Clubs Policy

All USC Ratified clubs are required to follow Clubs Policy and other USC and UWO Polcies. It is important to have a good understanding of these policy documents as failure to comply can lead to clubs being sanctioned or de-ratified. Below you can find all Clubs Policy documents.

Clubs Committees Terms of References:

(Composition, Roles and Responsibilities)

Clubs Governance Committee (CGC) Terms of Reference: Download PDF version

Clubs Policy Review Committee (CPRC) Terms of Reference: Download PDF version

Clubs Executive Terms of Reference: Download PDF versionDownload PDF version

Clubs Support Committee (CSC) Terms of Reference: Download PDF version

Clubs Policy Documents:

Procedure for Ratification: Download PDF version
Ratification Requirements, Applications, Decision Procedures and Appeals)

Hearings and Sanctions Procedure: Download PDF version
(Violation Submissions, Complaint Hearings and Resolutions, Sanctions)

Clubs Constitution Guideline: Download PDF version

Clubs Constitution Template: Download Microsoft version (editable .doc) Download PDF version

Clubs Constitution Example: Download PDF version

Clubs Operating Policy: Download PDF version
(Club Privileges, Club Review Links, Conflict of Interest, Procedure to Remove Members)

Clubs Constitution Changes: Download PDF version
(General Amendment Procedures)

Clubs Financial Procedures: Download PDF version
(Signing Authority, Membership Fees and Budgeting, Insurance, Account Freezes, Financial Assistance, Sponsorship, Contracts, Trademarks and Copyrighted Materials)

Club Event planning and Risk Management procedure: Download PDF version
(Security, Event Proposals and Timelines, Travel, Food, Volunteering, Donations)

Club Elections: Download PDF version
(General Election Procedures, CRO, Voting)

External Affiliation Acknowledgment Form: Download PDF version

USC Best Practice Policies: Download PDF version
(Controversial Events, Advertising, Food Regulations, Fundraising, Grants and Financial Assistance, Sales on Campus, Transporation, Sponsorship, Waivers and Emergency Contact Forms, Space Bookings on Campus, other relevant material for running your events)

USC Space Usage Policies: Download PDF version
(Space Reservations, Audio/Visual Requests, Posters and Banners, Atrium Bookings)

Campus Alcohol Policy:

Campus Alcohol Policy (CAP): Download PDF version