Listing Events on the Calendar

The Event Calendar is the USC’s listing of on-campus events, with a focus on those that are USC-affiliated. As a Club, it is possible to have your events listed on the USC’s Event Calendar, and the process is pretty simple.

List Events on the USC Event Calendar

While possible to manually input events, the majority of events on the Event Calendar are automatically pulled from Facebook.  As a USC-affiliated Club, you are invited to include your Facebook events on the USC’s website.  (Of course this is not a requirement or expectation, merely a friendly offer for those interested.)  The set-up process is described below:

  1. Your Club must have a Facebook Page.
  2. Your Facebook Page must be known to WesternLink.
  3. Your Facebook Page must be Public (rather than Closed or Secret).
  4. Your Event must be Open (rather than any of the other privacy settings).
  5. That’s it!  Events you create will now be included on the USC’s calendar!

Note: If you have recently created a Facebook Page and/or have recently updated your Facebook information on WesternLink, we might still need to update our system.  Please send us an email if this is the case.

Note: If tickets to your event can be purchased online, please notify us as well because the ticket URL provided by Facebook needs to be manually configured.


Hide Events from the USC Event Calendar

To prevent your events from being displayed on the calendar, all you would need to do would be break one of the conditions specified in the above section.

  1. Changing the privacy of an event to anything other than Open will prevent single events from showing up on the Events Calendar.
  2. Changing the privacy of your Club’s Facebook Page or removing your Facebook URL from WesternLink will prevent any of your events from showing up on the Events Calendar.



While the Events Calendar is super fun, and — yes — exposes your events to a wider audience, the point of the calendar is to benefit Western’s students, not Western’s Students’ Council and not Western’s Clubs*.  We would ask you to keep in mind that as hosts of the platform, we at the USC have a responsibility to maintain oversight over its content. Thus, we would ask Clubs to keep in mind that

  • Very long events (ie, month-long events) may be removed from the calendar at our discretion.
  • Clubs posting too many events may also be denied access to the calendar.  There aren’t any hard limits, but posting, for example, a new event every day would probably annoy more people than it would help.

*That is not to say that these secondary goals are not important, just that they are secondary goals.