Board of Directors

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Board of Directors 2017-18
Meeting Agenda Minutes Reports & Appendices
1st –
April 7, 2017
Agenda (in camera)
Minutes Agenda Report – BOCO
Minutes March 10, 2017
COO Report – April 7, 2017

COO Project Report – April 7, 2017
BY-LAW 1 – remuneration amendment
AR-Financial Reporting Policy
AR-Financial Approvals Policy
Financial Reporting Policy
Financial Approvals Policy
Feb Investment Statement
Q3-2017 Narrative
Cashflow Feb 2017
Q3 Exec Summary – Feb 2017 with occupancy
Q3 Exec Summary – Feb 2017 no occupancy
Spoke Reno Update – April 7 2017
2nd –
March 10, 2017
Confidential Agenda
Minutes 6.01 Finance Committee Investment Report
6.07 Finance Committee Report
6.08 Hazard Assessment
6.08 AgendaReport – Policy Approvals
6.08 Health and Safety Policy Feb 2016
6.08 HR_Lockout_Tagout_Policy
6.08 HR_NonRoutineWork_Policy
6.08 HR_PreUseInspect_Policy
6.08 HR_PrevMaint_Policy
6.08 HR_RespWorker_Policy
6.08 Human Resources Committee Report
6.08 USC Hazard Assessment 2016 Final
6.08 USC HR_Discrimination_Policy-2017 SCL revisions
6.08 USC HR_Discrimination_Procedure-2017 SCL revisions
7.01 USC Strategic Plan Draft 1
7.03 Winter Retreat Board Agenda Report
8.01 Reno_Update_March10
8.01 Spoke – 2017 02 22 Schedule
8.01 WU Spoke – Foodservice Options
3rd –
June 18, 2017
Agenda Minutes 6.01 Board Report
6.02 BOD and COO Project Report
6.02 BOD and COO Report
6.06 Agenda Report – Spoke Renovation
7.01 Revised Capital Plan
7.01 Spoke Backgrounder
7.01 Spoke Estimate Variances
7.01 Spoke Funding Options
7.01 Spoke Payment Timeline
7.01 Updated Cash Flow
7.01 USC Capital Comparison
7.01 Spoke Reno Costs
7.01 Revised Capital Plan
7.02 Campus Trust Agenda Report