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Submissions Invited for Code of Conduct Review

Western’s Code of Student Conduct defines the standard of conduct expected of students at Western, and sets out the disciplinary procedures that the University will follow. The Board of Governors is required to review the Code every five years. An ad hoc committee,  chaired by Western Law Dean Iain Scott, has been formed to oversee the review. Written and/or oral submissions from interested students should be addressed to Dean Iain Scott, Code of Student Conduct Review Committee, University Secretariat, Room 4101 Stevenson Hall, or to Individuals wishing to meet with the committee should indicate so in their written submissions. The code may be viewed at Deadline for submissions is Oct. 7, 2016.   The review committee’s report, including any recommended revisions to the code, will be submitted to the Board in early...

Interview with Mother Mother singer Ryan Guldemond

MOTHER MOTHER SINGER RYAN GULDEMOND AND A ‘VERY GOOD BAD THING’   Three-time JUNO-nominated Vancouver quintet Mother Mother will be bringing their melting vocal harmonies and infectious rhythms to The Wave this Friday for an exclusive Western performance. We spoke with frontman Ryan Guldemond about his college memories, touring across Canada, and what exactly constitutes a very good bad thing.   Welcome to Western University! Have you heard anything about us?   Not a whole lot, but it did catch my attention that it was at Western where Sir Frederick Banting rose from a restless sleep in 1920 and wrote out 25 words that led to his discovery of insulin. We have some diabetics in our immediate family so props to Western and Sir Banting.   The band started forming while some of you were still in school. Do you have fond memories of your first few weeks at college?   It was quite revolutionary for me, arriving at college where I studied music, majoring in Jazz guitar. I just remember being good at it and understanding things, which was a novel experience coming from high school, a place I greatly disliked, where I never felt apt in any capacity. Doing well in college gave me a lot of confidence as a young adult. The irony is I quit one semester before my diploma to pay more attention to this band.   Give us an example of what a Very Good Bad Thing is.   Let’s go with sugar: a quick kick for a crash… a fleeting pleasure for a lasting pain. Obviously this could be applied to many...

USC executive publish year-end review of projects and campaigns

Making it easier to be a student. These words opened the Team Sophie platform and each point following attempted to accomplish just that. This report is a review of the platform, categorizing each point as Complete, Ongoing and Incomplete at the school year’s close. Complete refers to projects or initiatives that have been successfully accomplished or are scheduled to be completed in early 2016. Ongoing refers to projects that are still active and more work can be done next year, with completion still a priority. Incomplete refers to projects where no or little future work is scheduled and the completion is no longer a priority. Many of the advocacy points are categorized as ongoing, as it often takes more than one year to both decide and implement university policy or budget changes. Read the FULL REPORT HERE. For further questions please contact: Kevin Hurren Communications Officer University Students’ Council 519-661-2111 ext....