USC Operating and Capital Budget 2018/19

Each year the USC reevaluates how we can strive to offer students the best programming, advocacy, and services to ensure that we are continuously abiding by our mission statement. We constantly challenge the organization to critically assess each of our offerings to students and force ourselves to affirm that all projects and initiatives linked directly back to students and our vision statement that students have the power to change the world.

This will be the first budget crafted under the recently passed strategic plan, Dear Students, a document that will guide our organization for the next 3 years. The areas of focus are defined as Student Development & Opportunity, Student Advocacy, Student Support, Student Life and Student Engagement & Collaboration. These are the guiding principles of our day to day work, curated from the feedback of students at Western University as to how they would like to see our organization operate.

In this year’s budgeting process we faced obstacles that challenged us to prioritize clarity, strategy and respect for the student dollar. And I can proudly say that not only did our commitment to  those pillars never waver, but instead strengthened our resolve to work hard for students.Through minimum wage, past budgeting errors, and brand new agreements with budgetary implications we can put forth a budget that puts students first.

This document has acceptance from both our council and our board of directors showing that it not only represents the best interest of students but is also financially sound and fiscally responsible. I would like to thank everyone who dedicated time and energy into creating this budget, which will lead the next year of our organization. As well I would like to thank you, every undergraduate student at this institution, for entrusting me with this responsibility and I hope that I as well as the USC have not only shown you value, but strengthened our community.

USC President, Tobi Solebo

Link to: USC Operating and Capital Budget 2018-19 (PDF)